Female police officer facing sack for topless selfie with automatic machine gun posted on Facebook

A Mexican police officer is facing the sack after taking a topless selfie in her patrol car with a semi-automatic weapon on her lap.

Nildo Garcia was caught after her bosses spotted her badge on the right sleeve of her uniform after being alerted to the picture on Facebook .

It showed her reclining on the back seat of her official police vehicle with her breasts exposed and her gun on her knees.

She was put on gardening leave after being suspended from her role in the force in Escobedo, a city in Nuevo Leon, northern Mexico, which is part of the Monterrey Metropolitan area.

Ms Garcia has not made any comment about the incident so far.The scandal was the latest to affect the Mexican police.

Last month rookie cop Hector Mauro Ramos, 32, was told he faced the sack after taking a selfie of himself pointing a gun to his head, in an apparent bid to terrify his wife into having him back after she dumped him.Three officers in Cuernavaca in the central state of Morelos are also in trouble after using a patrol car for a pornographic photo shoot.

They were caught after the x-rated pictures surfaced on the internet.

One mystery brunette was snapped posing topless in one shot on the back seat of the police vehicle and in another wearing a G-string on the bonnet by a main road with a second patrol car.A third photo posted on Facebook showed her on all fours on the back seat while two officers placed their hands on her bottom cheeks.

In November it emerged a female police officer in the nearby city of Puebla and a male colleague had been suspended after photographs showing them performing a sex act were posted online.

The snaps were said to have been taken while they were on duty inside a patrol car on a public road.


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