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Top 10 Famous People with Fake Body Parts

Top 10 famous celebrities with surgically enhanced bodies and body parts

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For the most part, human beings are extremely vain and put a lot of weight into what others think of them. This is no truer than in the case of appearance. Don’t believe us? Just look at the clothing and makeup industry and how many billions of dollars people spend to look good. Even the auto industry is about looks because, while we often buy a car based on how it looks, we often buy a car and picture how we’ll look in it. We care about where we’re seen living, what we’re seen doing and who we are seen hanging out with. Yes, our appearance is, for the most part, very important for much of our lives.
Our obsession with appearance is also why the cosmetic surgery market is so big. Sure, that practice would still exist to help those who needed reconstruction or fixes for medical reasons – but would it be as big without all the vain and size-obsessed individuals? Probably not. For this reason, there are more than a few people walking around with some noticeable fake body parts. We’re not talking about arms and legs but parts that get surgically enhanced, such as butts, breasts and faces. From the movie star who gets a breast augmentation to the person who goes all out and gets a lot of new ‘parts,’ these 10 examples show that both celebrities and ‘regular’ people love getting additions to their bodies.

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