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Poop in purse: Blonde who hid poop in purse on date keeps getting asked out by men

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TORONTO — A busty blonde who hid poop in her purse on a date after the toilet wouldn’t flush says she’s been inundated with male attention after telling her story on social media.

Canadian woman Makela — who it seems goes by just one name — achieved five minutes of fame last week after her crappy story went viral when she posted it on Twitter, where she now has nearly 30,000 followers.

Makela has had to beat men off with a shi**ty stick since the story was picked up by the press, with some guys even offering to marry her, the New York Daily News reported.

The whole story began last week when Makela went on a date with a guy she met at the grocery store. The date was going well and she went back to his apartment. But just as things were heating up, nature called.

After dropping one of her friends off at the pool, Makela was horrified to discover the toilet wouldn’t flush. So like any normal person would, she wrapped her hand in toilet paper and went on a fishing expedition.

With nowhere else to put her poop, Makela wrapped it in toilet paper and stuffed it inside her purse.

Oblivious to the situation, Makela’s date told her she was beautiful and began laying the charm on thick.

Desperate to find a way out of the sticky mess, Makela texted her sister for advice. But then her date went to the bathroom and — hallelujah! — she heard the toilet flush.

Excusing herself again, Makela returned to the toilet, where finally, she was able to dispose of her poop parcel.

If you thought men would turn their noses up after hearing this story, you’d be wrong. Because since the news broke, romantic messages have not stopped plopping into Makela’s inbox.

Proving that when it comes to dating, some guys really are prepared to put up with a lot of s***.


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