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Dennis Skinner kicked out of Commons for calling David Cameron “dodgy Dave”

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Dennis Skinner MP is asked to leave the House of Commons during the Panama Papers debate, because he referred to David Cameron as ‘Dodgy Dave’.


The veteran politician was suspended from the Commons chamber for the rest of the day after making the comment during David Cameron’s statement on the Panama Papers leak.

Commons Speaker John Bercow asked Mr Skinner to withdraw the remark – considered unparliamentary language – but he refused and instead chose to repeat it.

Mr Bercow then ordered the Bolsover MP to leave the chamber immediately and barred him from debates for the rest of the day.

“Do what you like,” Mr Skinner, known as the ‘Beast of Bolsover’ for his angry attacks on Tory ministers, could be heard saying, before walking out as instructed.

The 84-year-old Labour politician made the comments while asking the Prime Minister to explain his financial affairs further – with particular reference to the mortgages on his homes in Notting Hill and Oxford.

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