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Baby Octopus Vanishes In Sandy Seabed

This incredible baby octopus vanished in the blink of an eye by burying itself in the seabed.

Caught in the act in the Adriatic Sea off the Dalmatian coast, Croatia, this cunning cephalopod showed off the intelligence of its kind as it stunned diver Iris Poutanen with a disappearing trick.

The tiny brown octopus is submerged in darkness when its approached by Iris, but as she nears, the tiny tentacled figure stares directly down the camera and begins to swim away to a small dip in the sea bed.

Within seconds the octopus begins to force itself further down into the floor, and then using its miniature tentacles it scoops sand and rocks over its head, rendering it virtually invisible.

Iris, an experienced diver from Tampere, Finland, said: “I couldn’t believe how quickly it disappeared, it was virtually invisible”

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