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Mom Catches 16-Year-Old Daughter In Bed With A Boy, Then Does Something Unbelievable

It was her worst nightmare, but then this happened
#1 A Daughter Caught!
Jeanette Woods wanted to talk to her daughter, but when she walked into her room she found her and a man asleep in the bed together…

#2 She Attacked!
Jeanette couldn’t control her anger, so she immediately attacked the boy, punching him in the face in bed! The boy jumped out of bed and ran out the room, but the mom caught up with him and continued punching!

#3 He’s Free!
He left the house, with his clothes and car still there. So, the angry mother smashed his car with a baseball bat…with her daughter watching. But when police showed up, they arrested the mother for damage and assault!

#4 Not A Smart Idea
This is exactly what you DON’T do if you ever catch your child in bed with someone…because you’ll end up looking like the fool!

#5 During the attack from the 35-year-old mother, the boy, 16, actually wet himself.
He claims that was because she straddled him and punched him repeatedly in the bladder. He ran from the house and was chased by the woman, who drove to his house and destroyed his car with a baseball bat.

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