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Man has 18-inch vegetable removed from anus after using it as a sex toy

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WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT. The 55-year old underwent extensive surgery which included reconstructing his anus
This horrifying video shows a man undergoing surgery after he was taken to hospital with a yucca root shoved into his bottom – to a length of 18 INCHES.

Have you ever looked at a vegetable and thought, I wonder what that would feel like shoved up my arse?

No, neither have I (I swear). This Costa Rican man, however, he was curious.

I’m probably being kind with the word curious to be honest, because this man actually got himself a cassava root and carved it into the shape of a penis before he shoved it up his bum.

man toy

As you can imagine, using an 18-inch vegetable with a 3-inch girth as a sex toy is never going to go well and he was soon at the San Juan de Dios Hospital in San Jose having the thing removed.

He also needed reconstructive surgery on his intestines, according to local reports.

Safety first however, the 55-year-old unnamed man did double bag the edible sex toy to make sure he wasn’t going to get some kind of rotten veg STI hybrid thing.

It was only when one of the condoms broke inside him that he felt the need to get his ass to hospital. Apparently the break meant the man was at risk of perforating his intestines and possible infection. Sticking a massive vegetable up your arse will do that to you, believe it or not.

Surgeons reportedly spent more than an hour on the operation to remove the cassava from his anal cavity and the whole thing was filmed and put online. If you’re squeamish, just don’t…

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