Shocking: Singer DIES on stage after being bitten by a cobra

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Singer DIES on stage after being bitten by a cobra

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Tragic singer bitten by cobra on stage keeps singing for 45 MINUTES before collapsing and dying

WARNING: Distressing content. Irma Bule was performing a concert with her usual reptile accompaniment when one bit her, administering lethal toxins
A pop star who kept on singing for an astonishing 45 minutes after she was bitten mid-performance by a cobra has collapsed and died onstage.

Irma Bule was known for wearing snakes during her acts, but the king cobra which she danced with on Sunday had not been defanged.

The tragic 29-year old was performing in a village in Karawang, West Java, in her native Indonesia when the incident happened.

After her first song, she accidentally stood on the cobra, called Rianti.
The reptile then bit her on the leg, injecting venom into her bloodstream,
reports Coconuts . A video appears to have captured the moment.
The accident happened in the middle of the second song when Irma stepped on the snake’ s tail,
audience member Ferlando Octavion Auzura, told local media.

The snake then bit Irma on her thigh,

Although the star kept her show going reportedly turning down an antidote from the snake handler.
after 45 minutes witnesses said she started vomiting.

After a number of seizures, she collapsed.

Irma was then taken to hospital , but passed away soon after.
Bule’s musical genre is known as dangdut and uses props onstage.
She has previously reportedly danced with pythons and boa constrictors as part of her act.

King cobras are is the world’s longest venomous snake, reaching more than 5m long.

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