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Russian bride suffers wardrobe malfunction as her dress ripped away by wedding car

A video clip that’s going viral shows the moment her wedding dress got ripped from her body by the newlywed couple’s ceremonial car.

The hilarious moment was captured as the happy couple were staging a photo-shoot for their wedding in the city of Ufa in Russia.

The bride and groom, whose names have not been reported, had just registered their marriage at the town hall and they were posing for some photos with their photographer outside by the side of the road.

The footage shows the couple posing in front of the retro car which had a flower arrangement on its bonnet.

The photographer tells the groom to kiss his bride “on her temple” to which he answers: “Why on the temple?”

All of a sudden, the driver who has been sitting in the car the whole time reverses the vehicle – but the woman’s dress gets caught on the bonnet and a part of it gets ripped off.

The groom rushes towards the car and the bride, who is visibly upset, tries to hit the driver with her bouquet.

The photographer cannot hide his amusement and begins to giggle as he says: “Oh my, this is crazy.”

The footage then cuts to the bride shouting at the cameraman, asking: “Why are you filming this?”

The video, which is now making the rounds on social media, ends with the bride calling her uncle “Serezha” for help as the rest of the guests head back inside.

Many users tried to claim the video appears to be either staged or fake, but it was widely published in Russian news outlets including news and radio broadcast service Sputnik.

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