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Grace VanderWaal STUNS With Original Song ‘Clay’ On America’s Got Talent Finale

And Grace Vanderwall wins the hearts of America once again. The mini Taylor Swift took to the America’s Got Talent stage to perform her original song ‘clay’ and once again left us all in a state of awe. The singer opted for her simple sets and nothing fancy unlike her fellow contestants and still managed to get a standing ovation from the audience and judges. Simone looked like a proud papa, after all he’s the one who gave her the golden buzzer and we’re sure he’s not regretting it. Grace is the only contestant to perform her on song on the song, even for her audition she took the risk of performing one of her own and as we can see it definitely paid off. Grace looked adorable in a white dress as she stood in front of a gorgeous canopy of pretty pink flowers accompanied by a band on stage. The song is all about how she isn’t clay that can be molded by someone else, she’s her own person! Proving that she possess talent beyond her years and should surely win the show.


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