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Runaway dog: Motorcycle cops chase chihuahua named Ponch across San Francisco Bay Bridge

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SAN FRANCISCO — A chihuahua went rogue on Sunday, racing down the Bay Bridge even with California Highway Patrol motorcycle police on his little tail.
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It’s not known where the chihuahua came from or who his owners are, but on April 3, he was spotted dashing across the bridge. His daring escapade wouldn’t last long though, as California Highway Patrol officers began tailing him. With the cops in hot pursuit, the dog clearly wasn’t about to let them take him in without putting up a fight.

Running at full tilt, he evaded police as long as he could. At one point during the chase, the wiley chihuahua decided to stop for a moment, and face down the 5-0. Rather than give himself up, he chose to toy with the cops, and took off again as an officer dismounted from his motorcycle.

Eventually the police were able to safely nab the chihuahua and get him to safety. The California Highway Patrol has since posted photos and video of the pooch, attempting to reunite him with his owners.

Until his guardians come and claim him, they’ve nicknamed him “Ponch” after Erik Estrada’s dreamy Frank Poncherello character in the hit 1970s and 80s television motorcycle cop series CHiPS.

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