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Two friends refused entry to restaurant because they were blind

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Two blind men claim they were turned away from an Indian restaurant as staff feared they could not handle stairs. Liam Kemble-Young, 27, and Kyle Jones, 25, went to the Zahid Indian restaurant following a recommendation from a friend. But when they asked for a table they were turned away because the restaurant in Chesterfield, Derbys. was upstairs. Liam, who has been blind since birth and uses a cane, said: “We asked the member of staff for a table for two.
“He started talking to the manager and came back and said ‘the manager doesn’t want to serve you because we have stairs’. He said ‘Sorry, we are not going to serve you’.”
“I have stairs at home and it has never been a issue. I could understand if I was in a wheelchair but I really don’t understand why he thought I wouldn’t be able to go up and down stairs. I was shocked, surprised and angry to hear they wouldn’t serve us.”
Liam, who has a degree in aromatherapy and is a fully-qualified Raiki practitioner, claimed what they did was illegal.

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