News rat mom saves her baby from hungry snake
Video: Rat mother saves her baby from hungry snake mouth

Grisly moment mother rat saves her baby from the jaws of hungry snake in epic roadside battle Rat mom saves baby from the jaws of a hungry snake on roadside The mother rat bit and scratched snake’s tail until it dropped baby on road She then chased snake away into the bushes and scurried off with baby.

A mother rat fought off a ferocious snake in a desperate bid to save her baby.

In a nail-biting video, the incident played out on the side of the road as the snake attempted to slither away with a baby rat.

The video was posted on Facebook by Rojas Montecinos Envy, with the caption: ‘Today while I was returning home, I witnessed this amazing act of love from a mother.’

In nearly 20 agonizing seconds the mother rat bit and scratched the snake until it was forced to release the baby from its jaws.

The baby rat was left motionless on the side of the road. And the snake hurried off into the bushes while being chased by the baby’s mom.

And a few seconds later, the mom returned to her baby and briefly hovered over it as a car passed.

She then scooped the baby up in her jaws and scurried off into the brush to safety.

It’s unclear what type of snake attacked the baby rat and if the rodent will survive.

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