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The Man With The 44lb Arm: BORN DIFFERENT

A RARE genetic condition has caused a man’s arm to swell to 44lbs (20kg) – more than the double its normal size. Bablu Pashi, 25, from Allahabad, India, suffers from gigantism, a disease that causes excessive growth of body tissue. His right arm is so large that it causes him pain when washing and means he can only walk for 10 minutes without taking a break. “The weight of my arm is 20 kilos and while washing it up it starts to hurt,” Bablu said. “I am not able to walk. I walk for 10 minutes and then for 10 minutes I have to rest. These are the difficulties I face.”

Videographer / director: Nagesh Ohal
Producer: Kanika Dhupar, Ellie Winstanley
Editor: Joshua Douglas

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