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10 Most Dysfunctional Families to Ever Exist


Top 10 most unusual families you won’t believe exist

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Is there such a thing as having the perfect family? Growing up, we were used to some sort of crazy in our families. But usually they are solved after a stint in rehab or even moving out. But sometimes there are some forms of crazy that can affect other people in their family and lead to total and complete dysfunction. In one way or another, we all think our family is crazy in some way. From regular family disputes, drug-using cousins, inappropriate relationships, to fighting over money, dysfunctional families are more common than we think. They are not products of fame and fortune. Just as not everyone can get along, being linked by blood doesn’t make it any different. Just as there are crazy people out there, they all have to be related to someone.
But when you’re in the public eye, then your dysfunctional family is put under a microscope and left to be criticized and judged by the general public, even if their own family is dysfunctional. And sometimes, fame can cause the dysfunction since Hollywood is a dysfunctional family of its own. Being in the spotlight and constantly under pressure to act a certain way can affect someone psychologically and physically. Then the public is left with a circus that they can relate to.
Here are ten of the most dysfunctional families ever. From weird families to the results of constant drug use, these families are far from normal. If anything, they should make you feel a little bit better about your own family.
We all have crazy families, but some are slightly more dysfunctional than others. And when you’re in the public eye, your family seems to be even more absurd. Here are some of the most dysfunctional famous families ever.

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