Big Brother UK Laura Carter Confirms She HAD SEX With Marco Pierre In Shocking Scenes!

Laura Carter says she had sex basically with Marco Pierre Jr in shocking scenes Laura finally comes about what happened in the bedroom with Marco Pierre.

Laura Carter confirms she and Marco Pierre White Jr, had sex on Big Brother. The couple shocked viewers, and prompted hundreds of complaints over the raunchy scenes, and now she is coming clean to housemates as she admits to the romp. “When we were in bed together the other night, we had sex,” she says. Speaking to Lateysha during tonight’s episode, she adds: “It wasn’t full blown sex, but we had sex basically. Straight after it happened he said ‘Oh MY GOD! What’s my family and my fiancée going to say?’ I was like mate; you can’t say this now. I think he feels guilty.”

Despite revealing he has a fiancee waiting for him on the outside, Marco got seriously carried away during a kissing session on the sofa. He was seen climbing on top of the stunning housemate, as the pair made cringe worthy loud sound effects for all to hear. Viewers were quick to take to Twitter to vent about the X rated scenes. “Is bb trying to bring my dinner back up showing the awfulness that is marco and laura one wrote.
Another then posted: ” The marco & Laura sex show is really making me want to vomit.” Shortly afterwards, a different viewer commented: “Are Laura and marco practically shagging haha!!.” Viewers have watched as the pair have grown close over the past week. But there’s apparently more to their relationship than meets the eye, and fans are not happy. A picture posted by Marco on Instagram, sees the pair hanging out in a club nine weeks before the show launched. It hardly seems like a brief meeting either, as Marco drapes his arm around Laura for a cheeky picture. The chef’s son captioned it: “Great night at this new After Hours club @L8Club London.

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