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England And Russian Fans STREET Fight Running Battles In Marseille Euro 2016 Game!

England fan fights for his life after being kicked in the head
by Russian hooligans hunt down England fans in Marseille England vs Russia Euro 2016 games

A gang of well organised Russian fans is suspected to have clashed with England fans, hours ahead of the team’s match against Russia. Images from the waterfront in the city, show French police firing tear gas cans at massing groups of fans. Video footage showed fighting on a set of steps in the city, that led to one man smashing a chair over another’s head, and bottles being thrown. It was not clear if England fans were involved in that incident. Heavily armoured officers, wearing face guards and carrying plastic shields, were seen lining up to prepare for violence.

Riot squads carrying batons rushed at one small group, where chairs were seen flying through the air, pinning at least one man to the ground. A number of other people were marched away, and several men were seen with blood coming from their heads or faces. French police said they were forced to intervene, after clashes between rival fans. “Police intervened in a clash between English, Russian and French supporters in the Vieux-Port district,” said local police chief Laurent Nunez.

Sky’s Siobhan Robbins, who is in the old port district of the city, said: “In the last hour, in the street behind me, about 300 youths stormed down here, and within seconds the atmosphere changed. These youths, we were told they were local French youths, ran down and started attacking some of the English then trouble broke out. We saw chairs being thrown, we saw bottles being thrown, tables being thrown. There were some fairly bad injuries as well. A man with blood running down his face. He said he had been attacked by local French people.” It comes after UK police held talks with their French counterparts, to discuss policing around tonight’s England v Russia game, after violent scenes on Friday night.
There is some frustration that British officers’ advice, on controlling England fans was ignored, when trouble flared. Tear gas was repeatedly used to move fans on from bars, in an attempt to keep roads in the Vieux Port area clear for traffic. One several occasions, riot police were met with showers of bottles, when they marched towards groups of England fans. Russian fans managed to evade the police, and clashed with England fans, with the groups exchanging flares and smoke bombs. Groups of locals also sought confrontations, with at least one attack on a bar where England supporters, were watching the opening game. At one stage there was a running battle across the old port, as England fans chased locals and were then repelled.


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