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10 Famous People You Didn’t Know Got Naked

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Top 10 celebrity actors and actress who actually did nude scenes on screen or on stage.

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Hollywood is a tricky business. Sometimes you have to take your clothes off to get a little further in your career, but sometimes taking your clothes off means that you’ve reach a distinguished stage of your career and it’s not considered to be a desperate move. Being willing to get naked in front of the camera is an emotional journey by itself that has to be handled delicately, or an acting career can be over in an instant. Additionally, any moves you make while rising to stardom can definitely come back to haunt you once you become famous. That photographer will always remember the photos he took of you, and that student film you got naked for is still hanging out in the school archives, ready to be unearthed when needed.
But there shouldn’t be any shame associated with a willingness to get naked in front of the camera. Sometimes the script and the story call for the nudity, and actors manage to win awards and accolades for their role, even if it did mean that they had to take their clothes off. Unless you have been an obsessive and avid movie and theatre watcher who rewatches material repeatedly, then you might not be able to remember which actor did what in “that” movie, meaning that there are still things to learn. Here are ten famous celebrities that you didn’t know bared it all, so if you’ve ever been curious as to what may be underneath the costumes, then look no further.

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