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    Ed Sheeran is being sued for $20m by two songwriters over his track Photograph

      <meta http-equiv=”X-Frame-Options” content=”DENY” /> Two California-bases artists are suing the British singer-songwriter, Ed Sheeran, for $20 million dollars. Martin Harrington and Thomas Leonard of the company “HaloSongs” filed a copyright infringement lawsuit stating that Sheeran’s ballad “Photograph” released in 2015 has the same musical composition to their song “Amazing” which they said they wrote […]

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    Watch Lion Takes Revenge On Trophy Hunter!

    I managed to get my hands on this video when I was in South Africa a couple of months ago, a hunter showed me and thought it was hilarious. For me this video highlights a distressing situation that the world needs to see. Every year trophy hunters kill thousands of exotic wild animals in Africa, […]

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    Alligator killed after being spotted with body in mouth

    An alligator in Florida was reportedly found with a body in its mouth, but police aren’t sure how the person actually died. If you’ve been following alligator headlines recently, this may not be that peculiar of a story to you. In May, two fisherman in Florida found a different body reportedly being eaten by alligators […]

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    boy turning stone
    The 11-Year-Old Boy Slowly Turning Into Stone

    When Nar Kumari held her little boy for the first time, he couldn’t have been more perfect. Smiling back at her, Ramesh looked like any other bouncing baby boy. But just 15 days after she got him home, her son’s skin began to peel and was replaced by thick, black scales which have been slowly […]

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    brexit 2016
    Poll shows Britons leaning towards leaving EU

    A new poll suggests that the British public could be swaying towards leaving the European Union. The poll conducted by the research firm ICM found the leave campaign now has a slight advantage in one of the UK’s most historic votes.

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    This fish got itself trapped inside a jellyfish

    Life in the slow lane: Amazing photographs show a tired fish hitching a ride inside a jellyfish Photographer Tim Samuel was free diving with a friend in Byron Bay He noticed a fish trapped inside the bell of a jellyfish and photographed it The fish appears to be calm but has a bewildered look on […]